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Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Specialist

Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Specialist 2


Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Specialist

Taking leadership of strategy is the next step in your digital career. This Certification in Digital Strategy and Planning will get you there. You’ll learn digital communications, analytics, marketing automation, and more.


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Diploma Course

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Over these nine modules, you’ll develop the thinking skills and practical tools you need to lead business teams working together on effective, agile strategies. See how all the building blocks of a strong digital approach come together to generate real results and change. Get the skills you need to think, act and communicate like a strategic leader.


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What will I learn?

9 Modules • Approx 30 Hours of Learning Content

To make sense of all the data and theory out there, you need a methodical approach to strategic planning. The 3i Framework is designed to make it simple and straightforward to select the best digital strategy options of your organization, then put the strategies into action. In this intro module, you’ll learn the basics of this impressive yet easy-to-use framework.

  • Fundamentals behind the 3i Methodology
  • How to develop business strategies
  • Key components in an effective digital strategy
  • Strategic management: looking to long-term success

Digital marketing might seem a world away from old-school marketing. But the basic principles of communications are still the same. And traditional advertising, sales and commas still have big influences on the way we do things in digital spaces. While there’s a ton more exciting opportunities with digital marketing, it’s important to remember what makes it all work in the first place. This module covers:

  • marketing mixes
  • customer journeys
  • communications and creative planning
  • media strategy
  • amplifying brand performance

Compared to traditional comma, there’s an incredible array of channels, platforms and methods in digital communications. Audiences (your target markets) are more diverse and fragmented. And you’ve got to know them better than ever to communicate with them effectively. This module covers:

  • fundamentals of planning in digital communications
  • improving ROI
  • understanding your audience
  • setting budgets for strategies
  • reviewing resources
  • measuring and analyzing results

Your audiences spend their time on a breadth of different digital channels. If you want to meet them where they are, you need to understand how, why and when they use each channel. And that’s before you know the technical aspects of marketing with each channel, plus how different channels integrate and work together. This module encapsulates the must-knows of digital channels, including:

  • inbound and outbound strategies
  • cross media planning
  • digital channel mix
  • social media
  • content marketing
  • search marketing
  • email marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • automation
  • display and video advertising

Automation can’t do everything, but it can make your life a whole lot easier – and streamline your team’s work plans. It’s a smarter way to work that can save you time and resources whilst maximizing your ROI. In this module, learn about your strategic options for:

  • key concepts in automation
  • from generating to managing and nurturing leads
  • keeping automated commas true and relevant
  • analyzing and reporting on leads using automation data

Clever budgeting and resourcing isn’t just about how much money you’ve got to spend on a campaign. It’s about how you get the maximum ROI for your money, time and resources – including your team’s talent. Get confident with resourcing basics, including:

  • key factors to consider
  • setting a budget that makes sense
  • monitoring and optimizing budget as you go
  • hiring, training and retaining the best people

‘Big data’ only sounds intimidating if you don’t know where it comes from and what it means. With a few key practices, you can turn the massive volume of data available to you as a marketer into something you can use to guide strategy in meaningful ways. This module helps you understand and confidently discuss:

  • how data is collected and organized
  • analytical tools for marketers
  • artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge analytical tech
  • applications for analytical tools

Leadership capability is essential if you want to confidently drive your organization’s digital future, with the backing of your team and stakeholders. This module equips you with the insights to:

  • lead transitions from traditional to digital marketing
  • keep your knowledge and skills consistently up to date
  • capably and convincingly implement digital strategies

A documented strategy is centered on a ‘how’: how you’ll get from where you are, to where you want to go. But there’s a lot more that goes into a clear and actionable digital strategy. In this module you’ll learn how to approach formulation methodically, including:

  • research and intelligence
  • developing multiple strategic alternatives
  • selecting the best options for your organization
  • formalizing and communicating your strategy
Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Specialist 2

Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

This professional diploma costs INR Rs. 75,000. This includes:

  • all course content
  • study support
  • membership of the Digital Marketing Institute
  • exam fee (first attempt only)

No – anybody is welcome to apply for this course. Digitma Academy’s course consultants will help you assess whether this course is right for you by asking a few basic questions. But there are no formal prerequisites. The only thing you need to have is an interest in digital marketing and a drive to become a strategy and planning leader.

DMI certifications are world class. Your industry-verified qualification could take you anywhere. Certification is an instant way for employers and clients to recognise your expertise and commitment.

Please note that this course may not be suitable as a sole qualification for immigration purposes. Check with your immigration professional for more details.

If you’re currently involved in digital strategy and planning for your organisation, this is the course for you. It’s an ideal next step if you’re looking to get that big-picture capability and step into a leadership role. This course is designed to prepare you to take on high-level planning roles within the context of overall digital marketing.

There is one two-hour exam for the Certified Digital Marketing Specialist: Digital Strategy & Planning course. The exams are taken at one of the testing centres of our computer-based testing partner, Pearson Vie. Check their website for your closest testing centre. Please note that while your first exam attempt fee is included in the course price, if you need to re-sit to achieve a pass, there will be a small fee payable directly to the testing centre.

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