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Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective, high-ROI component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. But it takes specific skills to make the most of it. Skills you’ll pick up in this feature-packed online email marketing Certificate Courses


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Are you ready to run the most effective email marketing campaigns of your career? This course is designed to help you upskill quickly in email, with a blend of reading, video and interactive learning content you’ll love. 


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What will I learn?

4 Modules • Approx 11 Hours of Learning Content

Before you even start writing an email, you need a solid idea of who it’s going to be sent to (and why). This module covers the essentials of data strategy as applied to email, including smart data management and audience segmentation.


  • Developing an Email Strategy
  • Growing an Email Subscriber Database
  • Managing Email Data


  • Buyer Persona Template
  • The Definitive GDPR Checklist for Marketers
  • All About the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Case studies:

  • Email Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Blueprint
  • The Skimm: Disrupting News Media and Making Email Cool Again

What makes a reader want to open an email? What makes them want to take action on what they read? Expand your knowledge of email marketing in this practical module that’s all about crafting an effective marketing email from scratch.


  • Creating Email Content
  • The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Email
  • Managing Your Time Effectively
  • 4 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Email Subject Line


  • Email Content & Copywriting
  • One-year Gantt calendar update
Case study:
  • Netflix: A Marketing and Business Powerhouse


  • Peak Seasonal Sales Planning to Maximise Revenue

What makes an email look good? How do you make a great first impression with your email design? This unit covers the basics of making your emails look polished, professional and on-brand – on all screens and devices.


  • Enhancing Your Creativity
  • Design Foundations: Brand Guidelines and Consistency
  • Designing Emails
  • Graphic Design Principles and Best Practices
  • Integrating Email Features
  • The Essential Guide to Optimising Your Emails for Mobile


  • Content Ideation Template
  • Brand Style Elements Template

Case study:

  • Lego: The Building Blocks of a Modern-Day Superbrand

Wish you could run a slick email marketing campaign on autopilot? You can – kind of. Contemporary email marketing offers a ton of task automation options. This module covers automating whilst actively testing and optimising your initial strategy.


  • Testing Email Campaigns
  • A Practical Guide to the Top Email Marketing Automation Tools
  • Key Concepts in Marketing Automation
  • 5 Key Email Metrics You Should Be Tracking


  • Email Marketing Campaign Results Dashboard
  • Email & Social Media Campaign ROI Calculator

Case study:

  • Salesforce: From Humble Beginnings to Major Global Impact

Email Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Including all learning content, support and the exam fee, the total course fee is INR Rs. 25,000.

There are around 11 hours of learning content in this course, but you don’t need to do it all at once! You’ll have up to 12 weeks to get through everything

There’s just one simple online exam at the end of the course, to test your newfound email marketing knowledge. It’s 40 multiple-choice questions, and once you’ve passed, you’ll get your associate-level certification.

It’s not just for current practicing marketing pros. This email marketing course is also a great way to quickly upskill if you’re a small business owner or manager, product manager, or involved in email marketing in any other capacity.

No particular experience or qualifications are required for this short course. While it might give you a head start to have worked on email marketing before, this course is suitable for total beginners. The only thing you need to have is a desire to upskill fast and work on email marketing as part of your future digital career.

Once you’ve completed this course, you may feel ready to step up to a more comprehensive professional certification. Or you may prefer to build up your specialist skills slowly with another short course. Check out the courses page again for more info, or chat to your Digital Academy course consultant.

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