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Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Certified Search Marketing Specialist


Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Search marketing can make or break a brand – especially for a local business or entering into a tough market. Becoming certified as a professional search marketer will show employers and clients that you’re on top of the game. This course was created in partnership with Neil Patel.


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Course overview

Created in partnership with Neil Patel, this course is made up of ten modules designed to take you through from the fundamentals of search marketing to the technical skills and background knowledge you need to form original insights and drive your search campaigns.

You’ll see how SEO, paid search and display advertising work together to deliver results you can measure and respond to in real time. Whether you’re a relative beginner or an experienced SEO pro, you’ll get a fresh perspective on what works and why.


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What will I learn?

10 Modules • Approx 30 Hours of Learning Content

Search marketing has evolved constantly since search engines were first introduced. Staying ahead of the curve means understanding the fundamentals of search, and having the tools to work with the core purpose of search engines, instead of fighting an uphill battle. You’ll cove the basics of:

  • search engine optimization
  • pay-per-click advertising
  • search engine algorithms
  • measurement and analytics

There’s a lot that goes into setting up a website and overall web presence that’s search engine friendly. It’s not enough to rely on one element, like a great domain name. You need to know how every aspect of search engine friendliness works together; how you can play a part in the search engine’s mission to deliver the best and most relevant results to users. This module covers:

  • how SEO and content marketing work together
  • on-page optimization techniques
  • researching SEO content
  • informed keyword research

SEO can seem heavy on theory at times. This hands-on, practical module brings it back down to earth. You’ll learn real tried-and-tested optimization techniques, and see how they contribute to stronger strategic approaches. Learn about:

  • building backlinks
  • maintaining backlinks
  • troubleshooting technical SEO issues
  • maintaining your clear site structure
  • using tools to audit and analyze on-page elements

Organic search only has an advantage up to a point. Paid search is a unique way to cut through the clutter and connect you with users who are ready to act on what your organization has to offer. This module covers:

  • key concepts of PPC advertising
  • managing PPC campaigns
  • setting up your Google Ads account

Now that you have the basics down, you can start running a campaign! This module will show you the tried and true methods for getting your PPC ads in front of the right audience, including

  • managing a campaign budget 
  • optimizing your campaign in real time
  • evaluating the performance of your campaign

Get your message in front of the right people at the right time with demand generation. Whether someone has just discovered your website or has been visiting you daily, there’s a method to capturing their interest again. The module covers:

  • capturing search intent
  • Responsive Display Ads and remarketing tactics
  • device targeting

Without analytics, your ability to strategise and refine your approach would be seriously challenged. Analytics lets you convert data into meaningful and useable insights that you can act on immediately. This module shows you how to make the most of Google Analytics, including:

  • how analytics work: how the data is gathered
  • types of statistics, patterns and trends
  • using analytics to improve your website
  • using analytics to inform other digital marketing activities

Once you have your analytics, it’s time to show off your campaign success. This module will show you how to interpret data and present it, including:

  • collecting and processing data
  • validate your data 
  • predict future campaign outcomes
  • present your data in a visual way

You have all the fundamentals and theory down, you’ve created your Google Ads and Analytics accounts, and you’re ready to start running a campaign! Over the next two modules, you’ll learn how to build your campaign strategy, putting together everything you’ve learned. This module covers:

  • researching search campaigns
  • setting search marketing campaign objectives
  • creating your search strategy

Now that you have your action plan ready to go, it’s time to hit play and start running your campaign. In your final module, you’ll learn how to:

  • implement your search marketing strategy
  • evaluate and optimize your strategy in real time
  • keep an eye on the industry to keep your strategy relevant
Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

After you’ve worked through the learning content, you’ll need to pass a two-hour exam. The Certified Search Marketing Professional exam is administered by Pearson Vue, a third-party computer-based testing partner. There’s a huge network of testing centers around the world; check their website to find your closest.

Your exam fee is already included in the cost of the course. However, if you fail the exam (under 60%) and need to take it again, you’ll need to pay a small fee directly to Pearson Vue when you book in for your next attempt.

A background in marketing or SEO can’t hurt, but it’s absolutely not necessary for this course. The modules are designed and organised to take you through from fundamentals to pro-level technical and strategic skills. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or already have qualifications like a Google AdWords Certification, you’ll benefit from the thorough and practical course content. All you need to bring is an interest in SEO and PPC, and a desire to take your career to a new level!

If you are (or will be) involved in planning, executing or strategic decision-making around search marketing for your organization, this is the course for you. You’ll learn the fundamentals you need to make smart data-driven decisions, and to work with teams of subspecialists like SEO contractors, PPC managers and more. 

This course is suitable for participants of all levels of skill and experience. You’ll finish with the knowledge and confidence to direct effective search marketing campaigns within the broader context of digital marketing.

This course, including all content, support and the exam fee, is INR Rs.75,000.

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