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Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing Associate

This course is designed for beginners in marketing. If you’ve never touched a digital sales platform or analytics dashboard in your life, but you need to understand how and why digital marketing works,

INR 18,000/-

Certified Digital and Social Selling Specialist

This short course covers all the core knowledge and practical skills you need to win at online selling, from finding the right prospects to closing sales and building real post-sales relationships.

INR 18,000/-

Digital Strategy

This short course is designed to get you up to speed with the core principles and practices of planning a digital strategy, from alignment with customer personas to telling your brand story the right way.

INR 18,000/-

Customer Experience (CX)

Your digital customers’ needs are changing all the time. Learn to stay one step ahead of their expectations. This course covers everything from tracking and analysing their world to creating feedback loops for continual improvement.

INR 18,000/-

Digital Display

There’s a lot that goes into creating an effective digital display advertising campaign. Learn the principles of digital display, including graphic design essentials, display campaign strategy, managing your ad budget, and more.

INR 18,000/-

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective, high-ROI component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. But it takes specific skills to make the most of it. Skills you’ll pick up in this feature-packed,

INR 18,000/-

Paid Media (PPC)

Need to upskill in paid media? This short course is for you. You’ll develop skills in PPC (pay per click) campaign optimisation, search marketing, eCommerce and how to present your awesome results in a visually impressive report.

INR 18,000/-

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How do websites end up ranked highly in Google search results? Learn what makes a well-optimised site, from content and usability to mobile optimisation and more. Get confident with building a high-performing,

INR 18,000/-

UX and Web Design

What’s the difference between a polished, professional website and an average one? Do you know the design elements? This course covers the essentials of graphics, user testing, project managing website optimisation and more.

INR 18,000/-

Social Media Marketing

Need to get job-ready fast for a social media marketing role? This globally recognised associate-level certification covers SMM essentials in bite-sized interactive lessons.

INR 18,000/-

Content Marketing

This course is all about content marketing. From crafting social media messaging, to keeping website visitors engaged, content marketing is an art. You’ll learn creative approaches and practical skills you can apply across various channels.

INR 18,000/-

Data and Web Analytics

Get ready to step up and become the go-to data analyst on your team. This course delivers critical knowledge in data analytics, reporting, security best practice, and data management. 

INR 18,000/-


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