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Certified Digital Marketing Professional

The Certified Digital Marketing Professional diploma is the world’s most recognised digital marketing certification. You’ll always get the latest insights and up-to-date learning content. 

INR 75,000/-

Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Specialist

Taking leadership of strategy is the next step in your digital career. This Certification in Digital Strategy and Planning will get you there. You’ll learn digital communications, analytics, marketing automation, and more.

INR 75,000/-

Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Search marketing can make or break a brand – especially for a local business or entering into a tough market. Becoming certified as a professional search marketer will show employers and clients that you’re on top of the game.

INR 75,000/-

Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social media drives incredible changes for business, communities and societies. As a certified specialist in social media marketing, you’ll have the power to shape that change in meaningful and measurable ways.

INR 75,000/-

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Become a leader with the skills and confidence to manage teams and think strategically, as well as the technical knowledge to implement your ideas.

INR 75,000/-

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